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A comprehensive exploratory and solution consultation lasting more than an hour, in which we reveal the true cause of diseases.

3 reviews for General consultation

  1. Zsuzsanna K.

    In this “crazy” busy world sometimes we don’t know where to turn when our health is failing or just need some advice from someone who can look at our problems from a different perspective than the traditional medicine and I found Robert. He helped me to understand many things , explained how the minerals and nutrients are vital for the body , and we could discuss in details my problems ( Thyroid issues, after covid symptoms, hair loss, sweet cravings, low energy level ) , and possible solutions with high quality products recommended. After short perod of time my health is improving. I would recommend for everyone to “meet” with Robert for a consultation, because his extensive knowledge is very valuable and helpful.

  2. Anthony S

    Title: Resolving Iodine Deficiency: A Breakthrough Consultation with Robert

    “After years of struggling with unresolved iodine deficiency and feeling frustrated by countless doctor visits that yielded no solutions, I turned to Robert at Logical Health 21 for guidance. During our consultation, Robert’s expertise and personalized approach were evident from the start. He took the time to understand my unique health challenges, including the long-standing iodine deficiency that had eluded conventional treatment.

    Through in-depth discussions and thorough exploration, Robert shed light on the crucial role of iodine in overall health and wellness. His comprehensive understanding of the body’s intricate workings allowed him to pinpoint the root cause of my deficiency and craft a tailored solution. With his guidance, I discovered the right supplements and strategies to address my iodine deficiency effectively.

    The results were truly transformative. Within a relatively short period, I began to experience improvements in my energy levels, mood, and overall well-being. Finally, after years of frustration and uncertainty, I found relief and resolution under Robert’s guidance.

    I am immensely grateful for Robert’s expertise and dedication to helping others achieve optimal health. If you’re facing similar challenges or seeking answers where traditional medicine has fallen short, I highly recommend consulting with Robert at Logical Health 21. His holistic approach and commitment to addressing underlying issues make all the difference.”

  3. Irisz Pap

    This service has helped me greatly in dealing with my thyroid problems. After years of struggling with medication that didn’t help me, Robert gave me a chance to try natural Medication in the form of iodine drops. After using his natural medicine
    it completely fixed my thyroid problems. I recommend anyone struggling with health problems that other doctors can’t fix to try this service.

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