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Essential Balance Drops

A fast-absorbing, organic, mineral formula with a water-soluble Fulvate complex for a stronger immune system.

Essential Balance Drops


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Why do we need Balance drops?

Our balance drops contain minerals that are essential
for a healthy body and are otherwise very hard to access through any modern diet. Made with an advanced formula to strengthen the immune system and promote recovery from diseases.


Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Copper, Chromium, Boron

20 drops contains
Zinc 3.75mg,
Manganese 0.31mg,
Molybdenum 0.19mg,
Selenium 0.012mg,
Copper 0.25mg,
Chromium 0.018mg
Boron 0.10mg.

ESSENTIAL BALANCE DROPS DO NOT increase your appetite and DO NOT cause blurred vision, inability to concentrate or dizziness. 

ESSENTIAL BALANCE DROPS contain particles in water- soluble forms – the best form for your body.

Our mineral drops are safe and highly effective, due to their organic, fulvic-acid based formula ensuring instant absorption and utilization by the body. Click here to learn about fulvates.

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