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Essential Iodine Drops

Pure elemental Iodine supplement. Vital for the functioning of a healthy thyroid gland, regulates metabolism, and supports the functioning of our glandular organs.

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✓ Organic iodine complex with fulvic acid
✓ Contains Iodine-V®, which is the world’s first pure molecular iodine complex, specifically made for internal use
✓ Iodine-V® is the world’s first water-soluble organic iodine product
✓ Molecular iodine is the antimicrobial iodine form FOR INTERNAL USE
✓ Can be safely used internally (consumed orally) or externally (on surface of skin)


Iodine is a natural, antiviral, and antibacterial element that optimizes the immune system. All of the body’s organs need iodine to function properly. According to WHO, 30% of the world’s population has iodine deficiency.


✓ Improves thyroid gland functions
✓ Supports metabolism and reduces the chances of obesity
✓ Supports all glandular organs, reduces the tendency of these organs to become cancerous
✓ Balances mood and reduces the chances of depression
✓ Boosts cognitive development and helps brain functions
✓ Maintains good eye sight and moisture
✓ Supports healthy development of the fetus during pregnancy
✓ Delays dementia and reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s disease
✓ For children: supports growth, promotes intellectual development, and improves learning abilities


This pure elemental Iodine in the most innovative Fulvate complex. PLEASE NOTE that other iodine products typically do not contain enough pure ESSENTIAL elemental IODINE – they contain iodide and iodate. Our Iodine structure does not change, it does not oxidize, this is a stable liquid solution.

Dr. Kontos Essential Iodine mineral drops are safe and highly effective, due to their organic, fulvic-acid based formula ensuring instant absorption and utilization by the body. Click here to learn more about fulvates.

Water soluble fulvate complex form. Helps to fight against all types of viral infections.

All information on the website used WHO and National Institute of Health data.


Exactly 10 microgram elemental Iodine (I2) in one drop – you are in control.

Dilute in water or juice and drink immediately. Can be consumed any time of the day. Best to consume after a meal.

Daily recommended dose:

Adults:                                                              10-15 drops, once a day
In case of iodine deficiency:                         20 drops, twice a day
Children from newborn to 19 years old:    up to 10 drops, once a day
During pregnancy or if breastfeeding:        20 drops, twice a day

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

9 reviews for Essential Iodine Drops

  1. Albert Lovas

    Finally this Iodine is works! My metabolism getting better and better and my weight is under control. Highly recommend!

  2. Joe Walcott

    Finally this product is not Iodide or potassium form. Real organic Iodine, thank you Robert!

  3. Aranka Lorincz

    So far I have used lugol iodine but my results have not improved anything. This type of iodine (Dr. Kontos) changed everything, my t3 t4 hormone levels finally got better. I feel that my Thyroid problem will be solved.

  4. June Pergola (verified owner)

    This product is different, after using there are no side effects and after 2 weeks I have already felt the effect. I started to lose weight and my hair loss also stopped. I recommend!

  5. KrisztinaKiss (verified owner)

    Great product,highly recommended .
    Thank you

  6. Eszter Huebscher

    I have been using the Iodine drops for several weeks now, together with the Balance Drops. Recently I had blood work done and my thyroid function is excellent. This product is truly unique, highly recommend.

  7. Irisz Pap

    Highly Recommended,I’m using it for few months now, trying to replace my thyroid medication, it’s seem to be working, I’m on the path to fully replace the medication.

  8. Reka Reitinger (verified owner)

    I have been using the Iodine drops for several weeks now, together with the Balance Drops. Recently I had blood work done and my parathyroid function is excellent. This product is truly unique, highly recommend.Thank You Robert!

  9. Gabor C. (verified owner)

    I believe the iodine drops contributed greatly in knocking down the inflammation after my knee injury. Interestingly none of us were sick with anything for over a year now.

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