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Essential Balance Drops


A fast-bsorbing, organic, mineral formula with a water-soluble Fulvate complex for a stronger immune system.Water soluble fulvate complex form.

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ADVANCED FORMULA an organic, water-soluble fulvate complex.
20 drops contains
Zinc 3.75mg, Manganese 0.31mg,
Molybdenum 0.19mg,
Selenium 0.012mg,
Vanadium 0.12mg, Copper 0.25mg,
Chromium 0.018mg and Boron 0.10mg.

ESSENTIAL BALANCE DROPS DO NOT increase your appetite and DO NOT cause blurred vision, inability to concentrate or dizziness.

ESSENTIAL DROPS contain particles in water- soluble forms – the best form for your body (well-being).


2 reviews for Essential Balance Drops

  1. Lisa

    OMG guys! My hair loss is stopped! According the advise, I using with Iodine… and the results is arrived less than 3 weeks later. I don’t know who created this product, but God bless anyway!

  2. Monica W.

    I felt the difference, I have more energy. Great product.

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