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Iodine and Iron Drops
I have been diagnosed with anemia years ago which resulted in constant tiredness and pale skin. My every days are very stressful with work and I felt like my metabolism was slow due to my irregular diet. I have been using the Iodine and Iron drops for 3-4 weeks now. Wow! What a difference! I am noticeably more energetic, sleep better at night, and I was able to establish a healthier diet through out my busy day. My metabolism is so much better and I no longer crave sweets either. I will definitely be a customer for life. After trying to many different vitamins and home remedies, I finally found a product that works (the best thing is, it is ALL natural!)
Julia R. (Retail Store Manager) East Brunswick, NJ
Balance and Chrome Drops
I use 6-8 drops of Balance and Chrome in the morning and evening, and I have noticed that I don’t crave sweets so much anymore. I drink iron and iodine in orange juice at about 11 in the morning at the first meal, and I notice that I have a lot more energy through out the day and I don’t feel tired.
Zsuzsanna K. (Advisor of macrobiotic) Lawrence, NY
Iodine and Iron Drops
After 4 weeks of using the iodine drop, my metabolism improved, my tummy is more flat, and I sleep so much better at night. The Iron drop has noticeably raised my oxygen level (hemoglobin formation) and I no longer feel so tired.
Robert R. (Health Coach) East Brunswick, NJ
Iodine Drops
I also use the iodine drops for two weeks now, about 10 drops a day. I had some virus infection before, my stomach hurt, I vomited often, and no food would stay down. When I drank the solution for the first time, just after 10 minutes, my stomach pain disappeared and I didn’t vomit again. One of the best products is the iodine drops, I can recommend it to anyone, with the exception of those who are allergic to iodine.
Ildiko Marton ( Baby nurse) Lakewood, NJ
Essential Drops
I use all the Essential drops and after 2 weeks of use I have noticed that my hair is not falling out so much anymore and my sleep has also improved. Presumably the use of Chrom drops has reduced my craving for sweets too. Great products, I finally got something that works!
Zsofia K. (Dental assistant) Lawrence, NY
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