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Essential Chromium Drops


Our Essential Drops are the first mineral supplements in the world to contain micro-elements in an advanced water-soluble, organic, Fulvate complex form. The fastest absorbing chromium food supplement.Water soluble fulvate complex form.

More About Essential Chromium Drops


The fastest absorbing chromium food supplement for maintaining healthy blood glucose concentrations
1 bottle is approx. 2 month’s supply (600 drops) 30ml.
Suitable for vegans, no GMO, FREE from alcohol, preservatives, sweeteners, gluten.
✓ EXACTLY 1 microgram Chromium in 1 drop – you are in control
✓ Safe and pure – superior ORGANIC complex
✓ Daily recommended use is 10 drops for adults

Water soluble fulvate complex form.

2 reviews for Essential Chromium Drops

  1. Patricia Nemeth

    This is a great product. I highly recommend it to anyone needing this supplement.

  2. Albert Lovas

    My sweet cravings disappeared 🙂,thank you!

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