About indispensable Fulvates

Fulvates are vital micro-nutrients for our diet. These microscopic electrolytes are essential for the metabolism of all living organisms in our bodies. Their vast source of electrical energy supports the revitalization of cellular metabolism, a significant increase in the respiratory rate of organs, and improves overall health potential. Without fulvates, there could be virtually no terrestrial life; it is just as important as oxygen or water.

Biochemical properties

Fulvates are practically modifiers for the biological and efficient utilization of minerals and trace elements by living organisms. Molecules that are insoluble or too large for the body, must first be converted from their colloidal or (possibly) metallic state to their subcolloid or ionized state.
Once the minerals form a complex or chelate with the organic fulvates, the colloidal minerals and nutrients dissolve perfectly, making them more bio-available.

Nutrient delivery

Once the minerals have formed a complex with the fulvates, they will have a much smaller molecular size and become water soluble. Ionized minerals and nutrients enter the gastrointestinal tract so that they can easily pass through the intestinal wall. They then travel through the bloodstream, where they easily pass through thin, semi-permeable cell walls. Inside the cell, ionic minerals are carried by a cell fluid known as the cytoplasm, where they are activated in combination with enzymes. The ionized minerals and activated enzymes are then ready to build proteins – the building blocks of our lives.

Removal of toxins

Fulvates also function as potent antioxidants and are directly involved in detoxification processes. The primary role of the fulvate molecule in the removal of toxins is to provide an equal and opposite charge to neutralize free radicals. As a secondary role, fulvates remove neutralized free radicals from the body as waste.
After transporting minerals and nutrients, fulvates bind to toxic heavy metals in the cell’s cytoplasm upon exit.Fulvates play a dual role in the human body: they deliver vital energy, significant electrical energy, minerals, and other nutrients to the body as well as remove toxins, heavy metals, and waste from the cell.

Health Benefits of Fulvates

  • Increases the bio-availability of nutrients essential for cellular processes.
  • Promotes healthy, supple skin when applied topically.
  • Improves bone health by supporting the natural body processes that utilize calcium and all minerals.
  • Increase the bio-availability of trace elements.
  •  Maintains protein metabolism to support optimal RNA and DNA synthesis.
  •  Supports many enzymatic functions of the body.
  •  Increases the energy supply of cells.
  •  Neutralizes toxins and heavy metals with its broad-spectrum antioxidant and free radical scavenging ability.
  •  Helps prevent the development of cancer due to its detoxifying effect.
  •  As for minerals, it increases the permeability of the intestinal tract and helps their
  •  Effectively aids in the electrical charging of cells, thereby improving communication between cells.

Our innovative products are highly efficient thanks to Fulvate technology. The patented process allows the solubility of iodine, iron and other minerals in water.

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