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Wild Oregano Oil – Super Strength 80% Carvacrol


Benefits of Wild Oregano Oil:

  • Natural Antibiotic
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helps reduce Cholesterol
  • Supports the Immune system

NEW Organic Wild Oregano Oil Drops

Sierra Organics Wild Oregano Oil is a powerful and natural solution for a variety of health benefits. This 100% organic, unprocessed oil is packed with the highest potency of wild oregano, boasting an impressive 80% carvacrol content, surpassing the industry standard of 73%.


  • Sierra Organics oil of oregano: wild, 100% organic, unprocessed, full spectrum wild oregano oil; single sourced.-Our oil of oregano is the most potent in the market; most oils of oregano have a 73% carvacrol. Ours has 80%.
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Hand-picked


  • Wild organic oregano oil with 93% potency, organic extra virgin olive oil;
  • Our oregano grows in the remote desert of the Americas;
  •  Free of all pesticides, chemicals, and additives;
  •  Non-GMO -Single sourced & wild premium ingredients;
  • Gathered from the untouched deserts of the Americas, Sierra Organics uses raw, whole-food ingredients. We are committed to a more sustainable planet.
  •  All of our ingredients are the best Mother Nature has to offer, herbal based and raw, so it can be consumed as long as you need to improve your quality of life



Instruction on how to take Wild Oregano Oil:

For best results take 3-5 drops 3 times per day in any type of juice or water


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