Misconceptions about the thyroid gland

If you think that your thyroid will heal when you inject hormones into your body, you are probably making a big mistake. Anatomy is very clear about this: if your body produces something, but in the meantime senses that you are constantly importing something from outside that it is supposed to produced in the inside, it will slowly begin to stop its own production. This is especially true for hormones. The gland stops the production of the hormone, even if it only produced in low quantities before, due to the lack of nutrients and micronutrients it needs to function.

What is causing thyroid diseases?

The main causes of thyroid degeneration and dysfunction are nutrient deficiencies, more specifically iodine, zinc, and selenium deficiencies. These are the 3 main micronutrients (nutrients) needed for your thyroid gland, of which iodine is the most important, and essential for hormone production.

What happens to your thyroid organ in case of iodine deficiency?

Let’s see what can happen to your thyroid gland as a result of iodine deficiency. It goes into a constant forced state, generally resulting in these 4 things:

  1. TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) levels rise, directing the thyroid gland to produce hormones
  2. It either starts to shrink, OR
  3. It switches to “turbo” mode due to the detection of an emergency situation, enlarging, and in more severe cases forming a goiter.
  4. Internal nodules or cysts may form which also have an abnormal effect on hormone production


You never have to figure out how your particular organ works because it is already optimally encoded genetically. The only thing you need to do is to feed your organs with the nutrients it needs to work! To summarize the thyroid gland need these 3 minerals to function: iodine, selenium, and zinc.  (They also need amino acids, but as they are needed by EVERY vital organ, I’m not going to detail them here.)

An effective solution requires true, pure elemental iodine in a liquid form such as an iodine-fulvate complex formula, which can enter the cells easily. Iodide or potassium-iodide will not be able to perform this function. You need pure, organic, real iodine with fulvic acid for immediate absorption, which is the purest patented formula on the market. Visit our website for more information and to place your order with free shipping:

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