Masaru Emoto

Did You Know That Water Carries Information and Can Be Programmed?

Masaru Emoto and his wonderful experiments with water are pioneering scientific insights that show how our thoughts reprogram the structure of water, and a renewed certainty about the power of consciousness and soul follows.

Japanese doctor and researcher Masaru Emoto proved with tens of thousands of experiments that water stores not only information, but also emotions and consciousness. The water element is the best information carrier that exists. It filled vital tasks since the beginning of creation. Water supplies all living things with essential energy and transports waste products. We could also say that he is both a “purveyor by appointment” and a garbage man.

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has now proven that the effects of thoughts, music and prayer on water can be made visible. The scientist has known since the beginning of his work that water is the source of life. If water becomes polluted, life will cease, so this is serious environmental problem that must be prevented. With the help of his specialist staff, he proved in tens of thousands of experiments that water absorbs all, but really all information. He suffers with man, as evidenced by images taken after the January 17, 1995 earthquake in the Japanese city of Kobe. In Japan today, the quality of natural water is checked daily in many places, as the water responds to even the slightest vibration and changes its structure immediately.

If the water is photographed frozen, all information will be visible. The formed crystals on which the scientist based his experiments speak clearly. No wonder the water is also altered by electrosmog, or that the water heated in the microwave no longer shows crystals but a completely confused structure. Water samples stored next to cell phones or computers soon became a shattered structure, with a black hole in the middle. The structure of the same water showed a completely different picture, depending on whether it was exposed to good music, good thoughts, prayers or other positive things, or affected by bad thoughts or aggression.

During experimentation, the question arises in man as to whether thoughts are really free. Obviously not, because each thought has its own frequency, a particular wavelength, positive or negative, joyful and constructive or unpleasant and destructive. This wavelength is perceived by the other as resonance or dissonance, pleasant or disturbing. Only the like attracts the like. Related to this is the shocking experiment made by two children in a Japanese elementary school. Every day for a month they said to a bottle full of rice “thank you” and to the other bottle of rice “you idiot!”. Microbes obviously reacted the same way humans did. In one they worked better because they
were praised, in the other they were lazy because they were scolded. After four weeks, the regularly praised rice almost fermented and exuded a pleasant malt aroma. In the other, much-scolded bottle, the rice turned black and rotted. When the bottle was opened, an unpleasant stench emanated from it.

Significance of frequency

If thoughts and words have such a strong creative and forming power, if all invisible frequencies bring about such conspicuous changes, as Masaru Emoto proved, then the question naturally arises: what effect does one have on his environment with his carelessly pronounced words? What are the possible consequences of bad news, reports of violence, and tragedies from the media?

We all know the state of mind when we are depressed and displeased, but we get good news and our zest for life, our energy, returns immediately. The reason for this is the frequency with which the news came. Positive vibrations carry life-positive information, dissonant frequencies carry life-negative vibrations.

Our language also expresses these invisible processes. When someone is said to be on the same wavelength, everyone immediately knows what it means. Negative vibration can always be explained by the content of the sender’s thoughts. So we are free to think what we want, but we are not free to avoid the consequences. You reap what you sow.

The surprising effect of harmonic sounds

Up to 90 percent of animals and plants and about 70 percent of humans and Earth are made up of water. This alone shows us how important water is and how vital water is on this planet. Masaru Emoto and his colleagues not only studied the rivers and lakes of the countries, but also conducted hundreds of experiments with music. All music is high frequency vibration. Thus, for example, wonderful crystals are formed when water is exposed to the music of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Chopin and other such composers – the water crystals took various harmonic shapes! Masaru Emoto says water carries a message for all of us. The crystal forms show spiritual impurities in the same way as the positive, healing effects. This suggests that we can make water clearer and more beautiful with our actions and words.

Take care of water because it not only nourishes and hydrates but also carries bioactive information.

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