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Can Molecular Iodine Help Prevent Breast Cancer?

Iodine not only supports the thyroid gland … it’s vital for something else:

Elemental Iodine is necessary for the optimal functioning of our glandular organs, so it is also essential for the functioning of the breast. There is scientific evidence that molecular iodine reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Does iodine reduce cancer?

According to “”:

Molecular iodine exerts anticancer effects by diminishing growth and invasive potential, and activating the immune response in mammary cancer xenografts.

Elemental iodine thus helps the death of diseased, degenerative cells by causing programmed cell death in them. It can perform a recognizing and selective task in the removal processes of abnormal cells.

“The immune system is a crucial component in cancer progression or regression. Molecular iodine (I2) exerts significant anticancer effects, acting as a differentiation inductor and immune modulator, …”

Conclusions: Molecular iodine (I2) decreases the invasive potential of a triple negative basal cancer cell line, and under in vivo conditions the oral supplement of this halogen activates the antitumor immune response, preventing progression of xenografts from laminal and basal mammary cancer cells. These effects allow us to propose iodine supplementation as a possible adjuvant in breast cancer therapy.”

It is important to mention that the body does not need the potassium or calcium salt version of iodine, but the real iodine that also occurs naturally in the elemental I2 format (seaweeds). Fulvic acid iodine is one of the best forms of intake, as it becomes stable after forming a chelate organic complex while retaining its antioxidant ability.

With potassium iodine, you may get too much potassium into your body, which can cause health problems.

What happens if you take too much potassium? (hyperkalemia)

Excessive potassium intake can upset the muscle ion household and therefore adversely affect heart function. Irregular or fast heartbeat can occur, and ultimately cause heart attack.

Prevention is always cheaper than treating an established problem. As a result of advanced technology and in-depth research, the Fulvate complex of iodine, the elemental, water-soluble molecular form, is now available with Dr. Kontos Essential Iodine Drops.

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