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Alternative uses of Iodine-V® / elemental iodine

Did you know that elemental iodine is not only a food supplement? So let’s see what this new, safe formula can be used for.

According to a clinical test by the University of Utah laboratory, Iodine-V® neutralizes all pathogens, including the Sars Cov-2 virus, within 90 seconds. Iodine’s effectiveness in killing bacteria and fungi has long been recognized, so we only had to wait for a supplemental form of iodine  (Dr. Köntös Essential Iodine) that can be taken into the human body safely. With the Iodine -V® patent and Dr. Köntös Essential Iodine Drops this has finally come true!

It is not only used successfully worldwide to support the thyroid organ, but it offers a great solution in other areas as well:

Wound treatment, non-inflammatory care of surgical scars

According to traditional practice, we could only treat the area around the wound with the old Betadine iodine, which the manufacturer also warns users about Now, with Iodine-V®, the situation is different, because we can now use this formula directly on the wound. Due to its immediate pathogen-destructive effect, it creates an inflammation-free cicatrix. Useful tip: after the swelling and bleeding on the first day have stopped, mix a “wound treatment elixir” with a mixture of hyaluronic acid and elemental iodine (Dr. Köntös Essential Iodine) in a 3:1 ratio, i.e. add 1 drop of elemental iodine to 3 drops of hyaluronic acid. The effect will be astonishing, the wound will heal without inflammation, with barely visible scarring.

Treatment of dandruff and fungal scalp

I’ve tried this several times, the effect is fantastic, second to none. The dandruff disappeared already after the first iodine scalp treatment! The other shocking thing is that it didn’t come back for at least 1 month, even then only mildly. With one treatment per month, we can keep the pathogenic elements of the scalp away, so our hair always remains clean and healthy. Application: mix a 50% solution with Dr. Köntös Essential Iodine Drops and water, then apply this solution to the affected scalp with a pipette. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes, then wash your hair with the usual shampoo.

Air sanitiser

Since this iodine formula is colorless and safe to consume, you can spray it on anything, it won’t discolor the furniture, and even if it gets on food, it’s still okay because it’s a supplement. For sufficient effectiveness, mix 6 fl oz of water with 1 fl oz of Dr. Köntös Essential Iodine Drops and put it in a pump bottle, then use it like a regular air freshener. This means a ratio of 6:1. You can deviate from this but this has been shown to be effective against airborne pathogens. Even with this solution alone, the cases of the Covid epidemic could have been significantly reduced.

Stomach pains caused by bacterial or fungal infection

Several of our clients have reported that after taking elemental iodine (Dr. Köntös Essential Iodine Drops), their stomach complaints disappeared within minutes.

Antiseptic nasal spray

This solution is already available to everyone with the Incarvexx® iodine nasal spray. This safe and side-effect-free nasal spray is the world’s first preparation containing elemental iodine. It disinfects, hydrates, and cleanses, all at once.

Iodine-V® is currently available in 2 types of products in the world. One is Dr Köntös Essential Iodine Drops, and the other is Incarvexx® nasal spray. We can use Dr Köntös Essential Iodine drops for all of the above as alternative solutions.

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