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Incarvexx ®

INCARVEXX ® is the world’s first antiseptic nasal spray with molecular organic iodine that helps to prevent airborne viruses from entering the body via nasal passages.

What is INCARVEXX® Essential Nasal Spray?

INCARVEXX ® Essential Nasal Spray is a gentle, sea water nasal spray enriched with iodine. In other words it’s a natural product to moisturize and decongest nasal passages and to provide immediate reduction in the microbial antigens. 
INCARVEXX ® Essential Nasal Spray contains only 2 ingredients, sea water and Iodine-V complex. Iodine-V is a safe, consumable complex of fulvic acid and molecular iodine with a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity, including coronaviruses and influenza.
Iodine-V in this nasal spray can prevent infection by immediately destroying  the viruses in the nasal passages. Therefore it also results in a lower risk of spreading the virus.

How does Iodine-V protect against viruses?

INCARVEXX ® Essential Nasal Spray contains Iodine-V. Iodine-V is the world’s first pure water-soluble molecular iodine complex, containing fulvic-acid and molecular iodine.
In Iodine-V, molecular iodine is caged (not “free”) hence it is stable, causing no irritation or allergic reaction. Iodine kills all viruses that enters the body by breaking down its protein envelope. Iodine can break down all viruses’ protein envelopes, making it a mutation-resistant solution. Above all, the remains of the killed virus are “processed” by the body’s immune system by memorizing the full RNA sequence of the viruses.


Which types of virus can INCARVEXX® Essential Nasal Spray protect against?

There is no bacteria, virus, parasite or fungus that is known to be resistant to iodine.
Iodine is the most effective broad-spectrum antiseptic with very low toxicity and very high germicidal activity, therefore no organism develops resistance to it. INCARVEXX® Essential Nasal Spray contains 20 microgram iodine/ml spray.

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